Giving is necessary expression of Christian faith and love, the spontaneous outcome of Christian life. “Freely you received, freely give” (Mt 10:8). It is possible to give without being a being a Christian, but it is imposible to be a Christian without giving. In similar manner, “It is possible to give without loving, but it is impossible to love without giving” (Richard Braunstein). James I. McCord (1919-90) once said, “I cannot think of a better definition of Christianity than that: give, give, give.” Hence, Christian who never gives is a dead Christian. Remember, “the Dead Sea is the dead sea because it continually receives and never gives” (Anonymous).

Jesus told us it is better to give than to receive (Acts 20:35). Most people don’t believe this because they haven’t given by Biblical standards.

The Bible tells us to:

  1. give bountifully (2 Cor 9:6),
  2. inwardly decide to give (2 Cor 9:7),
  3. give cheerfully (2 Cor 9:7), and
  4. give secretly sometimes (Mt 6:3).

Because the Lord gave His all for us by even dying for us on the cross, we should give all to Him — not just all our money and possessions but all our heart, soul, mind, and strength (Mk 12:30).

When we give in imitation of Christ, we experience more happiness in giving than in receiving (Acts 20:35). We want to give even beyond our means (2 Cor 8:3), all that we have to live on (Lk 21:4). At this point, we will need for the first time to hear Paul’s warning not to go overboard in giving but to give only to the point of equality (2 Cor 8:12-13). We will give until the first world and the third world are equal, and then there will be one world.

Our grateful appreciation goes to the following groups and individuals:


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