Price: 2,000-5,000.00

In the Roman Catholic Church the stole is the vestment that marks recipients of Holy Orders. It is conferred at the ordination of a deacon, by which one becomes a member of the clergy after the suppression of the tonsure and minor orders after the Second Vatican Council.

A bishop or other priest wears the stole around his neck with the ends hanging down in front, while the deacon places it over his left shoulder and ties it cross-wise at his right side, similar to a sash.

Before the reform of the liturgy after the Second Vatican Council, priests who were not bishops crossed the stole over the breast (as pictured below), but only at Mass or at other functions at which a chasuble or cope was worn. It is now worn hanging straight down (General Instruction of the Roman Missal, 340) at all times. On solemn occasions, the Pope wears, as part of his choir dress, a special state stole highly decorated and bearing his personal coat of arms.

For the celebration of the Mass, the principal celebrant as well as concelebrants wear the stole over the alb but under the chasuble. Likewise, the deacon wears the stole over the alb but under the dalmatic. The stole is also worn over the surplice or alb for the distribution and reception of Holy Communion.

The priest or deacon who presides in paraliturgical celebrations, such as the Stations of the Cross, usually wears the stole over the surplice (or alb), and always under the cope.

We welcome donors for stoles of 3 sizes and 5  colors

Initial donors through the help of Ms. Bon Ocampo:

1. Angeles Conlu and Family – P5,000.00
2. Amparo F. Conzona – P300.00
3. Nick and Lolit Belangdal – P500.00
4. Danny and Nenette Hamoy – P500.00
5. Rudy and Melly Santiago – P1,000.00
6. Dodoy Maulit – P1,000.00
7. Seng Panlaque – P1,000.00
8. Romy and Tonette Alzona – P1,000.00
9. Met and Zeny Gasco – P2,500.00
10. Sally Fernandez – P300.00
11. Dr. Bernardo Hoffer – P500.00
12. Lorna Chiu – P500.00
13. Rolly and Gloria Bondolon – P500.00
14. Lingling Ferrer – P300.00
15. Flor Hicban – P1,000.00
16. Boy and Norma Llido – P500.00
17. Neneng Enopia – P500.00
18. Joaquin Reyes – P500.00

Thanks for all your support and generosity! May the Lord reward you with endless gifts!


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