Assorted Fish (Pasalubong) – Belen Sagales and Family
Assorted Food – Christine Rebosora and Family
Cash Gift – Dr. Corazon Partridge
Cash Gift – Fiscal Felipe Velasco and Family
Cash Gift – Nana Lagring Velasco
Coffee Treat @ Fagioli – Christine Rebosura and Family
Coffee Treat @ Blugre– Evelyn Alburo
Construction Materials of  Convent Quarters – Engr. Marilyn Dagoy and Evelyn Alburo
Cranberry Juice – Pearl Lopez
Dinner Treat @ Eurokitchen – Ellen Yap and Family
Dinner Treat @ Lemlunay – Dra Corazon Partridge and Family
Flowers during the Easter Vigil – Mirabueno Family
Lights in Adoration Chapel – Jimmy Montalbo
Lunch Treat – Evelyn Alburo
Lechons – Atty Orlando Mirabueno
Mulberry Leaves – Bobby and Dadai De La Costa
Merienda for the Bishop and his guests – Christine Rebosora and her Family
Pizza and other Pasalubong – Belen Sagales and Family
Rice – Thomas “Bebot” Haw and Family
Vitamins – Aida

Thank you so much for your support and generosity. May God help us to thank you forever!


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