Weekday Masses

5:30 AM Mass (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday)
5:15 PM Mass (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

Sunday Masses

5:00 PM (Saturday)
6:00 AM (Sunday, Cebuano)
8:00 AM (Sunday, English)
4:30 PM (Sunday, Cebuano)
6:00 PM (Sunday, Tagalog)

Wedding Masses

6:30 AM – (Saturday, Cebuano, Regular)
8:00 AM – (Saturday, English, Special)
10:00 AM – (Saturdat, English, Special)

1:00 PM – (Saturday, English, Special)
3:00 PM – (Saturday, English, Special)


9:30 AM – (Sunday, Cebuano, Regular Schedule)

Funeral Mass

1:00 PM (Saturday, Cebuano)
1:00 PM (Sunday, Cebuano)

Sick Call/Confession/Blessing

Wednesday – Sunday (By Appointment)

Parish Office

Open Monday to Sunday Morning except Tuesday (Day-off)

Solemnities/Feasts/Major Events

Easter Vigil – 8:00 PM (Parish Church)
Easter Sunday:
First Mass – 4:30 AM
Second Mass – 8:00 AM
Third Mass – 4:30 PM
Fourth Mass – 6:00 PM


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